About US

Everyone in Young Living has a GREAT story…
A story of discovery,
A story of enlightenment,
and eventually…

A story of TRUE LOVE for these precious gifts of nature.

Much like a mighty tree we are one solid natural foundation with numerous leaves and branches.  Each with its own distinct talents and personality.  We all appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Young Living Family,  yet we thrive on the freedom to be who we are and do what we love.
Simply put – we are a supportive group of dedicated and passionate Young Living members who wish to share the beauty and versatility of these oils with You.



 Meet Our Team

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  CLAUDIA – ID 1327141

   My OIL journey began with both Valor and White Angelica Essential Oils.  A talented Energy Worker in NYC, introduced them to me during a wellness session in 2012.  They absolutely transformed the environment with heavenly scents and created a feeling of soothing peace and happiness.   If there ever could be “Love at First Smell” – THIS WAS IT!

Clearly, it can only be deemed as destiny that months later, I met a group of amazing women (at a Women’s Retreat) whom surprisingly also knew of Young Living. They not only used these products for relaxation but for health, mental clarity, cooking, cleaning and spiritual uplifting.

I soon learned about the wide array of other oils, oil-infused products and the company itself.  As a lover of all things “Natural”, this was absolutely an area worth exploring. Just the thought of helping family, friends and animals with non toxic alternatives was enough to dive right in.  Armed with a reference book and a few new kits (Essential 7, Feelings and Raindrop) – LIFE WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME!

In the time since, communicating about the journey and the knowledge has become the norm.  It is simply human nature to share the good things in our lives with others.  It would be selfish not to.  I feel strongly that anytime, we can infuse another with positivity, love and light – we have a responsibility to do so.  The beauty of this is that in turn, those actions make our lives better.

The Oil I CANT Live without is PEPPERMINT (Oh and White Angelica too!)

Email me at EnergyofOils@gmail.com

Young Living White Angelica Essential Oil


JERRY – ID 1509597

My discovery of Young Living Oils was a miracle to me.  I was immediately impacted by the aromas and feelings of well being.  It is a great pleasure to share these products with others.  Not a day goes by that I do not enjoy them.  As a nature lover and avid fisherman, using the oils is like connecting to the outdoors.

My FAVORITE Oils are Thieves and Peace and Calming.

Email me at EnergyofOils@gmail.com

Young Living Peace & Calming Essential Oil


Natacha – ID 1454693

I had long known that plants can help our bodies in numerous ways so I was naturally drawn to essential oils.  They provide many benefits and help me regularly with focus and relaxation.  As a Teacher of very young children, I find that the kids love when I use the oils in classroom activities.

Oils I adore are Melissa and Lavender.

Email me at EnergyofOils@gmail.com

Young Living Melissa Essential Oil


Timothy – ID 2994907

Essential oils have really helped me manage neck and back pain.  I also find them helpful with cuts, bruises, scrapes and relaxation.

The oil I use EVERYDAY is Stress Away.

Email me at EnergyofOils@gmail.com




Join US if You

 – Love TRULY Natural Products –

– Enjoy Helping Others –

– Appreciate Personal Freedom –

– Recognize that it is Necessary to AVOID Toxins –

– Need a Rewarding and Abundant Career –

Let’s LEARN, Laugh and Grow Together!


Young Living Lavender Field